Charming Gents Hairdressing & Ladies Beauty Saloon has been in the hairstyling industry for over three decades. Over the years, our stature in the hair styling industry has been second to none and many of our regulars have repeatedly come back to us for their hair styling needs because of our high work standards, as well as superior affordability.

The majority of our clients are primarily from the Western part of Singapore but we do have regulars whom, despite having moved away from the Taman Jurong area, have still come back to us for their hair requirements.

Over the years, we have also started to work on the hair needs of our valued clientele’s children/grand children. Such loyalty is rare in business and we are proud and very happy and fortunate that our customers have chosen us again and again, despite many competition in the area.

We look forward to serve you with more vigour and gusto in the years ahead.